Notice of permit

Regional or Local Number: DFO-17-HCAA-00705

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the provisions of section 73 of the Species at Risk Act permit no. DFO-17-HCAA-00705 is issued.

Activity affecting the species is incidental to the carrying out of the activity

The extension of culverts at Purpleville Creek and the East Humber River and removal of a barrier to improve habitat in the East Humber River, where Redside Dace is known to be present, is required. These works require site isolation, dewatering activities and relocation of fishes.

Start Date: 2017-07-01   End Date: 2018-10-01

Issuing Authority: Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Authority Used:

  • Species at Risk Act

Location of Activity (province, territory or ocean):

  • Ontario

Affected Species:

a) Alternatives: Preferred alternative for East Humber River: Alternative 3, an 8.3 m upstream and downstream extension of the existing arch culvert, with retaining walls. Alternative 3 can fully meet the main purpose of the Highway 400 widening, which is to support the regional transportation system, address future traffic demand and stimulate economic growth. In comparison to the other three options considered, Alternative 3 was selected as the best option as the permanent and temporary impacts to habitat were minimized through use of retaining walls, which reduced the culvert extension needed for a conventional fill embankment slope and eliminated the significant technical and engineering challenges of the other retaining wall options, which were also considered cost-prohibitive. Preferred alternative for East Humber River Barrier Removal: Alternative 3, involving barrier removal and channel enhancements upstream and downstream of the weir. The removal of unnatural materials such as concrete slabs containing rebar and other debris from the channel represents progress toward stream clean-up and re-naturalization of the watercourse. It was determined that the removal of concrete slabs in the channel throughout the design area would be necessary in order to be considered an overall benefit, a requirement under the provincial Endangered Species Act. Preferred alternative for Purpleville Creek Tributary D: Alternative 4 - Based on the general concerns with a retaining wall at this location, and from the assessment of retaining wall options, Alternative 4 was determined to be the preferred solution from an economic and constructability perspective as all options still resulted in impacts to Redside Dace habitat. b) Measures to minimize impact: All instream activities will be completed in isolation of open or flowing water to maintain the natural flow of water downstream and avoid introducing sediment into the watercourse. Channel and bank designs to use natural channel design principles and include installation of fish habitat features including embedded woody habitat, vegetated stone bank treatments, clay and soil wrapped bank treatments, transplanted sod mats and brush layering, which have been demonstrated to be effective in stabilizing watercourse banks and restoring fish habitat. A qualified, professional geomorphologist and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) shall review the sites prior to reintroducing flows. A speciality contractor experienced in natural channel design implementation and working in species at risk habitat will undertake the in-water works where Redside Dace has been identified. c) Effects on survival and recovery: Impacts are temporary, and mitigation will reduce or eliminate most risks to Redside Dace. The extensions are open-bottom structures and the removal of the concrete barrier will provide an overall benefit to the species. The potential impacts to Redside Dace are mostly due to relocation from an isolated area. The temporary negative impacts will be negated by the long-term increase in overall stream productivity and increased general habitat for the species. It is expected that there will be little, if any, impact on Redside Dace.

Contact Person(s)
Mr. Raymond Ratynski
Regional Manager, Species at Risk Program
Freshwater Institute, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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Winnipeg, MB
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Tel: 204-983-4438
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