Notice of permit

Regional or Local Number: DFO-17-PPAC-00003

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the provisions of section 73 of the Species at Risk Act permit no. DFO-17-PPAC-00003 is issued.

Scientific research for the conservation of the species
Activity necessary or beneficial to the species

A permit has been requested for two ongoing activities carried out by the applicant: 1) Carcass Collection: Provide on-call service for the retrieval, transport, examination and disposal of deceased White Sturgeon in the Upper Columbia River, Pend d’Oreille River and Kootenay River. 2) Live Rescue/Relocation: Provide on-call service for the retrieval, transport, and release of White Sturgeon trapped or stranded in hydro-electric facilities or elsewhere in the Upper Columbia River, Pend d’Oreille River and Kootenay River.

Start Date: 2017-03-27   End Date: 2018-03-01

Issuing Authority: Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Authority Used:

  • Species at Risk Act

Location of Activity (province, territory or ocean):

  • British Columbia

Affected Species:

a) Alternatives: The applicant will be following the approaches and methods described in the Upper Columbia River adult White Sturgeon capture, transport and handling manual (May 2006 version) and in the Protocol for the Retrieval, Transport, Storage, Examination, and Disposal of Deceased White Sturgeon (2011). Both protocols have been developed and refined over several years of research, and successfully applied. As many alternatives were investigating throughout the development of these documents, following these procedures is considered the best solution. b) Measures to minimize impact: The proposed approaches and methods were developed and refined by multiple recovery/research focused user groups. They are designed to gain valuable biological and life history information from both rescued and deceased individuals of the species, and to provide safe handling and release of live rescued fish. The proposed work is not expected to negatively impact White Sturgeon or its habitat, and the residence concept does not apply to White Sturgeon. c) Effects on survival and recovery: In addition to collection of scientific data vital to the recovery of the species, the activity of rescuing trapped and stranded White Sturgeon would benefit survival and recovery of the species. Rescue attempts by professionals using tried and proven methodologies offers lower risk than not attempting live rescue of these trapped and stranded fish.

Contact Person(s)
Regional Manager, Species at Risk
Pacific Region, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
200 – 401 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3S4
Tel: 604-666-7907